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When it comes to meal plans at Universal Orlando Resort (UOR), it can be confusing. The bad news is that UOR no longer has an all-you-can-eat meal plan. However, the good news is that the quality of the food at UOR has improved significantly over the last 8 years. In this capacity, we'll endeavor to introduce the important details of the UOR meal plans and some key factors in deciding whether these plans will work for you.

Choose your universal meal plan

There are two meal plans for Universal Orlando

1.Universal's full service plane 2.Quick Service Dining (QSD) von Plano Universal. As the names suggest, one is more comprehensive than the other.

The universal all-inclusive meal plan entitles each person to:

ONE full-service meal (appetizer, select desserts, and a soft drink),
A quick service meal plus drink approved,
ONE snack credit,
An approved drink credit.

Although there are some exceptions, the full-service plan can only be purchased by people who book one in advance.Universal Orlando Resort vacation package. Therefore, the prices for this plan vary and are not officially published by UOR. However, you should$70/day per adult for this plan.If you are not eligible or interested in purchasing the full service plan, focus on Universal Orlando's Quick Dining Plan (QSD).

Universal Quick Service Meal Plan

The SDF plan is more compact. It entitles each guest to a quick service entree plus an approved drink. According to the UOR's own literature, it also authorizes a snack credit and an approved beverage credit. The current cost for this plan is $26 per adult plus tax.

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What are Universal Orlando Approved Beverages?

Well, at this point, you might be itching that I keep writing "approved" drinks. That's not the term Universal Orlando Resort uses. As you might expect, alcoholic beverages are not included in this plan. However, UOR defines beverages very specifically differently than you might expect.

Universal menu tip!

Use your Universal Orlando Dining Plan snack credit on a must-try Butterbeer in the Wizarding World.

You might expect a Wizarding World drink like Butterbeer to be classified as a drink. You would be wrong.Butterbiercounts as snack credit.

Officially, the standard size of all Wizarding World drinks is considered a snack. This is an important detail to remember, as soft drinks are not sold in Wizarding World areas. The only "approved" beverages in the areas of the wizarding world are coffee, tea, soda, and cider.

Well, as is usual at Universal Orlando Resort, you may find a member of staff to fill your green beer in as a drink instead of a snack, but don't count on that.

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The only exception to this Harry Potter Wizarding World drink counting as a snack is when you use your Universal Fast Service Dinner Credit towards breakfast at Three Broomsticks or Leaky Cauldron. Breakfast comes automatically with a smaller than standard size drink. You can use this in any "drink" including butterbeer. If you don't agree that you need to use your Wizarding World Quick Service Meal credit for breakfast, be aware that this is an inefficient way of using your credit.

Before I go any further, I should mention that there is a version of the Universal Studios Quick Service Dining Plan that comes with a freestyle glass in place of the drink credit. This freestyle cup can be refilled indefinitely every 10 minutes if desired. SPOILER: I use one 90% of the time I visit Universal Orlando Resort. This mug can be used for soft drinks and even ice cream. This plan will cost you $35/day.

Each of these universal meal plans have a lower child price. However, you can only get kids meals, so it might not work for some kids.

What I don't like about Universal Orlando's meal plans

Currently, there are several potential downsides to consider with these meal plans.

um, youSHOULD NOTUse these meal plans in yourResort UOR/Loews. If you're a Disney veteran, this will come as a shock. This is because some resorts are owned by Loews and not Universal.

To maximize those meal plans, you need to plan accordingly, and we can help you with that tooTo help youFind the best universal vacation package for your family.

Second, the Universal Quick Service Dining portion of your plans must be used at Universal's two theme parks. There are also two options for Quick Service Dinging entry locations at CityWalk, Hot Dog Hall of Fame, and Bread Box. These are great QSD spots, but if your family isn't thinking about hot dogs or sandwiches, it can be frustrating. Also, these two CityWalk locations aren't the best places to maximize the value of your meal plan. So be a pro and make sure you use your meal plan credits towards Universal Orlando Parks.

Third, if you've been looking for the old Disney menu at Universal Orlando Resort, this one will disappoint. There are full service locations that do not accept the plans and the UOR system is not as compatible with these plans. This leads to potentially negative number four.

Universal mobile ordering

You cannot currently place mobile orders using your restaurant credit. UOR's mobile ordering system is in dire need of an update to support the meal plan.

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Here is my workaround for mobile ordering:

If you want to use a dine-in credit at a food court with mobile ordering for table delivery, you must wait in line, sit down, and tell the attendant that you will be using a dine-in credit. At this point, the associate will provide restaurant-specific ordering instructions.

Fifth, there are unfortunately no discounts when purchasing a meal plan for UOR Annual Pass holders. Since the first two annual pass levels give you at least a 10% discount on almost all food/drinks, you need to factor this into your meal plan.

What I love about Universal Orlando's meal plans

If one of your main goals when visiting Universal Orlando Resort is food, and you tend to opt for more expensive entrees like ribs, these plans could save you some money. If you're craving a tasty treat at the end of your meal, this combo meal or dessert plan with meal credits makes it possible. Also, if the nature of your group means you prefer convenience and prepayment to the likelihood of spending more than you need to, these plans are for you.

Universal Orlando Resorts Meal Plan | Universal Insider Dining Tips - Vacation Packages, Discounts, Hotels, Universal Studios Orlando Park Tickets | universal family vacation (4)

Universal's full-service meal plan offers additional value

There are a few things that are specific to the Universal Full Service Meal Plan. Unlike some resorts, not everyone in your group needs a plan. They can still eat with you and just buy the food. In most cases you are not limited in terms of entry, you can use your balance to benefit.

Yes, you must confirm in advance which CityWalk table service locations will accept this plan. However, these restaurants currently do: Antojito's Authentic Mexican Food, Bigfire, Bob Marley – A Tribute to Freedom, Jimmy Buffett's® Margaritaville®, Pat O'Brien's®, Red Oven Pizza Bakery, Vivo Italian Kitchen, The Cowfish®, The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen and NBC Sports Grill & Brew. All four table service locations in the park receive these dinner credits, so take advantage of them.

Is Universal's Quick Service Meal Plan Worth It?

When it comes to the Quick Service meal plan, there are many positives for the average amusement park visitor.

First,Quick Service Dining credit never expires.When you fly back to Orlando, you can use your credit and avoid the panic on departure day trying to use your snack credit. Second, you don't have to subscribe to a Universal Quick Service Dining Plan for every day of your trip. In fact, you don't even have to buy them in advance.

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Universal Orlando Resort says you can purchase this plan right before you order at express fulfillment locations, but to save time I would purchase the meal plan when you book your Universal vacation.

Be sure to check out the full datasheet for the Universal Meal Plan here.

Quick service meal plan tip:

You can get a QSD plan for everyone in your group for the first day of your vacation. After that you can just see how handy this was for your group.If it worked well then buy more. If not, skip.

Third, this aircraft can be used at Volcano Bay water park.

Fourth, if you have an American Express card and purchase this plan with the Freestyle Cup, you receive a 10% discount on the plan.

Universal Orlando Resorts Meal Plan | Universal Insider Dining Tips - Vacation Packages, Discounts, Hotels, Universal Studios Orlando Park Tickets | universal family vacation (5)

Universal Orlando Bonus Dining Plan special tip

If you'd rather drink water or use another hydration solution, follow this guideline as you might get lucky with your quick service dinner.

While Universal Orlando Resort officially states that the QSD plan consists of admission with a qualifying drink, a snack, and one other drink, guests often see their plan as giving them admission with a drink and 2 credits that can be used for either a Drink or snack can be used. Check your receipt because if you're lucky enough to get two snack credits, the value of the QSD plan will increase immensely.

In other words, you can get two Butterbeers on top of your "approved" drink entry. Butterbeers are currently $8, two of which are $16. When you use your QSD entry credit towards the best burger in the park at Wimpy's, you'll get that burger/fries and soda in addition to your Butterbeers. With admission and drink basically being $20, you can see how this plan can save you money.

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The best way to verify your option is to use your entree with drink credit first (you should always use the entree with a drink - if you don't order a drink but use the entree credit you'll only lose the drink credit, so make that mistake not ). When you get your receipt, check if it says 2 snack/drink credits on it (meaning you can use your remaining 2 credits however you like or if it says 1 snack and 1 drink then you're out of luck.

We hope this gives you a basic overview of Universal Orlando's dining plans. We look forward to sharing more about the Freestyle Universal mug, popcorn bucket, and the best ways to use your meal credits in the future. Whatever you decide, dine like you're on vacation.

Jon Self is an avid amusement park fan who has the great privilege of being a pastor at an American Baptist Church (fbcmacom.com) while trying to find the right path in life with his beloved wife, who is a bigger theme park fan than Jon. you can follow him@pastorjonselfon twitter. Jon writes totourplans.comeuogrubhub. with.He also writes forFaithelement.net.


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