Flying with Ryanair: Check-in and Baggage Allowance 2020 (2023)

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  1. I also recently visited
    luton airport uk
    I think everything is great especially your parking lot is amazing and I use your meet and greet service. I am really enjoying this and advise you to use it too if you are visiting the UK.

  2. Hi, are school bags accepted as a personal item in addition to a carry on bag? the backpack i intend to carry fits under the seat on all the major airlines i have flown with. Please inform.

  3. Terrible! We bought Ryan Air tickets for this leg of our flight because they were the best price. We bought the tickets several months in advance. Forty-eight hours before the flight I received an email saying that we had to do a pre-check-in to avoid an additional cost of 50 euros. I used my cell phone to log in and do this, but when I got to the site I went as far as I could with the pre-registration and thought I was done. I clicked every button that seemed to advance me to the next part and then got to the end. When we queued to check-in, we were told to go to another queue where we found out that the pre-check-in never went through, so we had to pay another 50 euros for each ticket. There were also others along the same lines who had the same experience. When we finished the trip I wrote to Ryan Air about it and received a short letter saying there was nothing wrong with their website and they would not refund us. I think this is just a super sneaky way to get more money for some clients. So be careful!

  4. A bit maddening to read all the questions here. First, READ not only Chelsea's article, but also others criticizing Ryan Air, what people complained about happened to other people, and some of these questions ARE answered, if not in your article then in others, but the Things change so go to the R/A website and check them out or call them (if that's allowed). Chelsea won't monitor an article she wrote four years ago to answer questions she and others may give wrong answers.

  5. One of my suitcases is 14" x 9" x 21" (inches), will I have a problem?

  6. Are 55x36x24 or 55x45x21@10 kg accepted as hand luggage instead of 55x40x20? Two pax traveling with American Tourister suitcases of these dimensions

  7. Hello, I am traveling to Barcelona with Ryanaire in 6 days. Do I need to print my boarding pass and yes, when can I print it?

  8. How many devices can I take on board?

  9. I have a 4 year old with special needs, will I be charged for his pram on ryanair?

  10. Hello people,

    Of course, for 5 or 10 euros it is impossible to buy a plane ticket. you really can't
    buy a bus or train ticket at these fares. Y?

    Didn't register online so pay 45 EUR.

    Your hand luggage is 2 centimeters more than specified, so you will have to pay 50 euros.

    When making the reservation, his name is written as "Dinitri" but ol
    the passport is "Dimitri", so the name change of the ticket costs 150 EUR, please pay!

    They will almost count it;

    A normal person is specified as 70 Kgs. You are a little fat, and you weigh 75 Kgs. later
    you owe 100 euros.




    (Video) Ryanair's Bag Policy Explained


  11. Interesting tips! By the way, people are interested in travel instructions for single parents Parent/Guardian Approval, my company put out a blank document here

  12. Absolutely DO NOT fly with this airline. To oppose rogue companies, boycott these airlines. Google flights will help you find affordable prices with other big-name airlines all year round.

    I am an avid traveler and have been traveling the world since I was born, practically. I got used to what to expect from good and bad airlines. When I traveled Europe this time, I was unaware of Ryanair's notorious reputation for misleading its customers. Be aware that discount airlines like this one will try to make money using other methods to make up for what they are not charging you.

    I booked my flight from Rome to Barcelona and did not receive a confirmation email or reminder to check in. So just to be sure. The day before my flight I received a text in Spanish and no email. I thought the text was spam because I don't read or understand Spanish. When I showed up early at the airport to check in, the lady at the check-in desk (I also know Ryanair is known for terrible staff and horrible service, but I was a backpacker student on a budget) was extremely rude and literally said: he would be happy to let me miss my flight that morning unless i paid an extra 50 euro as a penalty for not checking in online. Instead of paying a total of 149 euros to fly from Rome to Barca, they made me pay an additional 100 euros total for airport check-in and checked luggage (oversized luggage is allowed so you don't have to pay an extra 50 euros to check in your only hand luggage, by the way). Many airlines, specifically in European countries, hide it and lie to you to make you pay the extra 30-50 euros, so keep that in mind. I have been emailing Ryanair since August trying to explain to them as they claim the amount back but they literally deny that an email was sent and that I am entitled to this amount.

    Overall, I could have flown with a more prestigious airline and paid the extra 100 euros for good service versus the pain Ryanair cost me. Always remember that airlines like this are never based on honest business. That's a big lesson I learned while backpacking this time. After this painful experience, I decided to boycott Ryanair with a passion. If you want to have an affordable yet comfortable experience, I highly recommend avoiding this airline. It's really not worth it. I can officially say that I would have had a more pleasant memory of my overall experience had this not happened.

  13. I booked online, can I go directly to security with my tablet?

  14. Hello, I can transport sealed dry food for example. Sausages, bread in hand luggage on a European flight?

  15. I'm on crutches, so what happens to them during the flight?

  16. I booked a 15 kg suitcase. Can I change to 20 kg? Online only allow mw to add extra 20kg bag.

  17. There is no specific weight limit for bags smaller than 35x20x20; the 10Kg limit only applies to the 55x40x20 bag.

  18. I am flying to Malta with Ryan Air. I already paid the shipment of 15. Kg Sack. Now I'm confused. With a 10kg suitcase of 55X40X20 it goes free and another suitcase with hand luggage of 35x20x20 must contain how much weight? Or all together they must contain 10 kg? please guide

  19. Hi, I am traveling hand luggage only on Ryan Air (first time), can I put hair straighteners in my hand luggage please, does anyone know?

  20. Yes, there is a new way to scam people, especially if they are flying Ryan Air for the first time. I forgot to check-in online and they charged me 140 euros per family of 3 for not checking-in online. they did not send me an email for not checking online the fine i have to pay as the authorities allow these airlines to scam people, they are the thugs and thugs authorized to operate by the european union authorities. will give 100 euros more but will never travel on this airline

  21. I WILL NEVER USE RYANAIR AGAIN. I booked the flight online and I couldn't log in online to check in on my phone or at Santorini airport. That small airport had automatic check-in stations and I assumed that the larger airport in Greece would have them too. Since I couldn't do the online check-in in Santorini, I decided to do it at the Greek airport. To my surprise, the airport in Greece did not have automatic check-in stations and Ryanair charged me $45 euros to print my boarding pass. For some unknown reason, they removed the self check-in stations at the airport, so I had no choice but to pay. I would never use Ryanair again and have also advised friends and family not to use Ryanair either.

  22. Can I take a pack of cigarettes?

  23. I am desperate for an answer to this question, is there a size limit for checked luggage? I look at the size of the carry-on and I know there is a weight restriction. I bought the 20kg checked bag option, but I have a very large bag and want to make sure it won't be a problem to check it in. Thank you!

  24. Hi, is it possible to buy checked luggage on the way back to the UK? (United Kingdom – Germany) I am afraid that my luggage will be heavier after shopping…
    Also, I can't bring liquid from Germany if I don't buy checked baggage, right?

  25. Hi, I paid for a 15kg checked bag on a Ryanair flight within a booking for my wife and me. We were supposed to travel together, but I'm not on that flight anymore, but my wife is. Would it be a problem to check in the luggage under her name instead of mine? Thank you!

  26. I am flying Ryanair with my 2 year old daughter and I have two bags of luggage. One for hand luggage, the second for check in. I bought two full price tickets and when I add a bag I press 50% off the child ticket. Is it valid or do I have to pay the full price? Thanks for your help

  27. Can I book without paying airfare? Once I get the visa I will continue to book and pay.

  28. Hello. Please clarify. You can take up to 10kg in the second smallest carry-on or a combined weight of 10kg.

  29. ¡Hola!
    I will be traveling with ryanair and will have a carry-on within the measurement requirements, but would like to bring my laptop as a carry-on. But it is bigger than the measurements. Will Ryanair charge me for this?


  30. Backpack clothes + (soap + deodorant shampoo)
    + réflex digital
    + laptop with lens in another bag
    Is it acceptable or do I need to pay for...

  31. eDreamsSolved your baggage issue with Ryanair customers, reading many complaints

    (Video) Ryanair Review: How to fly with Ryan Air - and not get ripped off!

  32. After. Ryanair. Good morning by the way. Where in the world (not literally) does someone buy the elusive 35x20x20 second suitcase that Ryanair requires? Even Samsonite/Antler stores don't seem to have them. I hate buying 'online' as delivery can be erratic. I am in England (North West) and honestly I am tearing out the few hairs that I have left

  33. Hello, I am the father of 8 month old twins. I used to travel with my partner, but recently due to a breakup I would like to know if it is possible to travel alone with the two babies? thank you in advance

  34. I myself am having the same problem. At check-in they told me that my luggage was not included but I had proof that I paid for it. Anyway I ended up paying 75 euros at the Ryanair counter and they advised me to take it with edreams as they don't pay Ryanair for the return luggage. I'm very disappointed. Also, at the Ryanair counter there was a family in front of me with the exact same problem and I can imagine how difficult it must have been for them to pay for all their luggage.

  35. I have just returned from Gran Canaria having booked my flight with RyanAir, I have paid for luggage of up to 20 kg round trip. Only to be told on the return trip that RyanAir had not recorded payment for the return trip even though I had proof that I had paid. They did not accept it and said that they are having a lot of problems with eDreams and that I would have to pay 75 euros if I wanted to review my case, there was not much I could do because the case was too big.

    I'm not sure how I'm going to get my 75 euros back as you have to call eDreams which costs a lot. Looks like I'm going to run out of money, I won't be using eDreams or RyanAir again

  36. If I have a return flight with no checked baggage (hand luggage only) can I bring a 20kg bag and how much would it cost and would I have to pay for that bag both ways if I only return with it?

  37. I hope you feel happier now that you have downloaded this, however is this thread about RyanAir or did you not notice?

  38. So can I bring my normal luggage (10 kg) and a backpack?

  39. Hello, it would be cheaper for me to check in the luggage instead of being caught with the wrong size since it weighs less than 10 kg and instead of 50x40x20 it is 30x57x30, before I used the same suitcase but my brother booked tickets for a long time a while ago and I'm pretty sure I used it as a carry on, as a flimsy gym bag or buy the carry on at Aldi afaik it's cheaper compared to €30 one way at the moment.

  40. Oye
    If my cabin is about 5 cm longer and wider, do I have to pay more for it?

  41. Yes, you can take a handbag 🙂

  42. Can I take a women's bag in addition to what is allowed in the cabin [55*40*20]?

  43. Can I change my paid luggage from 15 kg to 20 barrels before online check-in?

  44. Hi David. Thanks for adding an extra tip! We always welcome input.

  45. Why is luggage charged at £1 = 1 euro when the current exchange rate is 1.4 euro = £? It's best to book separately each way as your return luggage can be paid for in Euros as they convert it to 1.3 Euros = £.

  46. Hello Janice. Thank you for contacting us. Firstly, with the exception of Business Plus fares, all passengers traveling with Ryanair must first check-in online. Boarding passes can be printed or presented via your mobile phone. Regarding your checked baggage, please note that all applicable fees for checked baggage and/or excess baggage must be paid. Your checked baggage may be deposited at a baggage drop counter up to two hours, but no later than forty (40) minutes prior to scheduled departure. Please let us know if you need anything else. I wish you a great trip!

  47. Hello tiago. Thank you for your message. Ryanair allows two carry-on bags. One of maximum 35 x 20 x 20 cm and another of maximum 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm. If you have a problem with your carry-on bag being slightly larger, you may need to check it in. In this case, the fee is £50. If you are unsure whether or not you will need to check your baggage, we recommend that you do so at the baggage drop counter before going through security. Thank you!

  48. I am traveling to London Stansted in a few weeks and I bought a tote bag that measures an inch or two on one side and an inch on the other.
    Como 36x22x56 cm.
    I want to know if this is going to be a problem.
    Sorry for my bad English.

    I hope you can help me.

  49. This is now out of date. Ryanair allows 2 free baby items and additional baby items for €10 each per flight. Parents can also have a baby bag under 5kg in addition to their own travel allowance.

  50. Hello Huliana! All passengers with a seat purchased for travel are entitled to a baggage allowance of 10 kg. The only exception is babies up to 23 months old who share a seat with an adult. In this case, adults can bring a baby bag up to 5 kg, in addition to the 10 kg baggage allowance. Thank you!

  51. I am traveling with a 3 year old child, is he entitled to 10 kg of hand luggage or is it just for me?

  52. Hi Stan. Thanks for sharing your situation. We're sorry you've had complications with your Ryanair flight. We understand how frustrating this must be. Their online policy seems to indicate restrictions on Schengen flights, but in reality the information is not clearly identified. We hope that you have contacted Ryanair and that your situation has been corrected. We wish you the best.

  53. Hi Stan. Thanks for sharing your situation. We're sorry you've had complications with your Ryanair flight. We understand how frustrating this must be. Their online policy seems to indicate restrictions on Schengen flights, but in reality the information is not clearly identified. We hope that you have contacted Ryanair and that your situation has been corrected. We wish you the best.

  54. I booked myself, my wife and two 8 month old twins to fly from Dublin to Stansted with Ryanair. I couldn't find any information on the Ryanair website, but I assumed that babies could travel with a birth certificate as identification, just like Aer Lingus and most normal airlines. I tried to check in on the Ryanair website the night before the flight and it wouldn't let me without both babies' passport numbers. I assumed this could be a ploy by Ryanair to get more money from me like they do. I went to Dublin airport and they told me we needed passports for the babies. My problem is that it is not mentioned anywhere on your website. Why do babies under 2 years old need a passport to travel? The "helpful" (stone faced) lady at the "Ryanair customer service desk" (oxymoron) told me that my wife and I could travel but our two children could not! She considered giving him a brief summary of her eating habits and giving her the bag of change and leaving, but the wife was unwilling to do so. It's stupid and I think it's a ploy to prevent parents from traveling on their flights with small children. I WILL NEVER FLY WITH RYANAIR AGAIN. THEY ARE NOT LOW COST: You always end up paying even more and landing at an airport that is miles from anywhere.

  55. Identity cards to show relationship are sufficient.


  56. If a minor is traveling with an adult on a different booking, what proof do they need to prove they are traveling together?

  57. Hi Ann Mcdermott, Ryanair's hand baggage allowance is:

    One cabin suitcase of up to 10 kg with maximum dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm, plus 1 small suitcase of up to 35 x 20 x 20 cm per passenger.

    Hope this clears up 🙂

  58. Hi, first time flying with Ryanair; I am totally confused by the hand baggage allowance, i.e. the dimensions of the hand bag which are 35x20x20 cm are smaller than an A4 envelope, but I can also carry a hand bag without dimensions, help! ANA

  59. Hi @sharon_barrett:disqus, yes you can! Here's a helpful post on restricted carry-on items:ículos-restringidos/

  60. Can I take hair straighteners, phone charger as hand luggage?

  61. Hola @disqus_TGuk1lGMCY:disqus

    Yes, all passengers are entitled to free hand luggage. Just make sure it stays within the requirements listed above.

  62. Hears! Ryanair has a family rate where a child can have a 50% discount traveling with her parents, but I didn't find this offer on the Edreams website, right?

  63. It's my first time using ryanair and I'm nervous about the baggage allowance. I paid for hold luggage (15kg) and I can also hand luggage (cabin) (10kg). I don't want to face any charges when I arrive at the airport.

  64. @disqus_8peKXEhWSb:disqus
    There is no weight restriction. However, you should be able to fit it into the overhead bins without help.

  65. What is the hand luggage weight for Ryanair? I am very afraid that I am overweight.

  66. Hello Pelagie Fragioudaki

    This is direct from Ryanair.

    “Q: Can checked baggage allowances be grouped together?

    A: Customers on the same flight reservation can pool or share their purchased baggage allowances when they check-in together.

    For example: 2 friends traveling on the same reservation purchased
    two checked bags of 15 kg, a customer can check a bag of 17 kg and
    the other 13 kg as long as the total baggage allowance is
    not exceeded.

    For health and safety reasons, Ryanair does not accept transport
    any individual item exceeding 32 kilograms or with combined dimensions of
    more than 81 cm (height), 119 cm (width) and 119 cm (depth)”.

  67. Hello, I bought two suitcases of 15 and 20 kilos... a total of 35, can I carry 12 in one suitcase and 23 in the other???

  68. Okay. Thank you for your information. =)

  69. @disqus_erN70omXsF: disqus the main piece of hand luggage cannot exceed 10kg

  70. Yes @disqus_Ne0UU2bAOQ:disqus

  71. Hi @v_scott: disqus. Yes, you can use your carry-on allowance to bring a laptop.

    (Video) Ryanair customers face £55 charge for making common mistake at check-in

  72. Carry-On Baggage: Limited to one carry-on item per passenger, and as of December 2013, passengers may also bring one additional personal item on board (purse, briefcase, laptop, store purchases, camera, etc.) .
    Maximum weight – 10kg
    Dimensions of the main piece of hand luggage: 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm
    Additional dimensions of personal items: 35 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

    Hello, in relation to the previous post about RyanAir, does it mean that the main piece of hand luggage and the additional personal item cannot exceed 10 kg or each of the bags can put things inside as long as it does not exceed 10 kg?

  73. Can I bring a laptop without other carry-on baggage without being charged? The laptop is below the dimensions of the carry-on baggage, but above the dimensions of the second carry-on baggage.

  74. Can anyone find out what the baggage fees would be on RyanAir for two checked bags (one £30 and one £50)?

  75. Thanks for the compliment and I'm glad we can help!

  76. Thanks for the post, this is exactly what I needed to see. Great list, go on.
    The good work

  77. Good information…

  78. Children under 16 years of age: Ryanair does not carry unaccompanied children under 16 years of age
    year old. Children under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by a
    a passenger over the age of 16. Escort and special facilities are not

  79. Hola Izzy,
    Yes, if you are 16 years old you can fly with Ryanair without an escort.

  80. Can a 16 year old fly with Ryanair?

  81. I am 16 years old can I travel with Ryanair?

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