Can you transport JEWELRY in your hand luggage? (2023)


  • 1 Can I take jewelry in my hand luggage?
  • 2 What about jewelry in carry-on luggage in the US?
  • 3 Is there a maximum amount of jewelry I can take on a plane?
  • 4 Do jewelery have to be declared at customs?
  • 5 Should jewelry be removed safely?
  • 6 Are artistic jewelry allowed in hand luggage?
  • 7 What about gold jewelry?
  • 8 jewels in checked baggage
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Can you take jewelry in your hand luggage?

Yes, jewelry is allowed in carry-on baggage. In fact, it's recommended to pack jewelry in your carry-on bag rather than your checked bag, as it's generally safer to carry valuables in your carry-on bag than your checked bag.

Sometimes checked baggage gets lost on the way or arrives late. Carrying in checked baggage also involves an increased risk of theft.

Therefore, it is better to put your valuables in your hand luggage.

What about jewelry in carry-on luggage in the US?

jewelry in hand luggageit's also good in the US

For the USA, you will find all the relevant information about theAmerican Transportation Security Administration (TSA), as always with baggage issues.

And the Americans also advise you to store your jewelry in your hand luggage, and not in your checked luggage. Carrying valuables in your carry-on luggage instead of packing them in your suitcase makes more sense. On this everyone agrees.

If you have other concerns about what you can take as a carry-on in the US, you might want to check out the great service called tooAsk the TSA

Just leave a note there if you didany kind of doubt about allowed/prohibited items in hand luggage.

Is there a limit on the amount of jewelry I can take on the plane?

actually existsno quantity limit for jewelry.

Don't forget about it thoughIf you are traveling within the EU, you must verbally report jewelry valued at €10,000 or more.

Even when you're on the gooutside the EU, They existno volume limit.

However, if you exceed the allowances allowed (here the price of the piece of jewelery is decisive, not the number of pieces), you will have to paycustoms duties(Observe the import regulations of the countries of travel).

Do jewelry need to be declared at customs?

on the EU

on the EU, you do not need to register your jewelry unless you areparticularly valuable(from 10,000 euros). For more information, see the topic below.Gold jewelry later in this article.

Outside the borders of the EU (when entering or returning from non-EU member states or importing into a third country)

If you are traveling from the EU to a third country,your personal jewelry, i.e. jewelry such as personal effects that you bought in the EU and want to take with you on your trip and then bring back home, usually do not need to be declared at customs.

However, it is difficult for customs officials to know/recognize whether the jewelry is yours or a gift. So if it's personal jewelry it makes sensebring receiptfor your (expensive) jewelry showing where you bought it.

German customs recommends declaring valuable goods such as jewelry, computers, photographic equipment and so onReturns– to avoid doubts about the origin of remittances and the associated tax collection on the return trip. As Germany is a member of the EU, this recommendation appliesalso applies to other EU countries.

Now let's take a look at thoseDefinition of returned goods🇧🇷 German customs (here again: what applies to Germany also applies to other EU countries) defines returns as follows:

Goods exported from the customs territory of the Community may be accepted as returned goods if their re-importation is already envisaged at the time of export or if re-importation is not envisaged but takes place due to special circumstances. If these requirements for acceptance as returned goods are met, the goods may be released for free circulation free of import duties.german customs

To register your personal effects, such as jewelry, as a return, you must do thisFill in a specific information sheet:

Jewelry that you bought in a third country and want to take home (to the EU) must be declared to customs if the permitted limits (see import customs regulations) are exceeded.

Should jewelry be safely removed?

Do you need to take jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and bracelets from security and place them in one of the boxes?

Not necessarily🇧🇷 However,If you wear larger jewelry, you may be asked by security personnel.

The competent Federal PoliceSecurity checks in Germany, says the following in this context. I translated this text from German into English.

All outer clothing, such as jackets, coats and vests, as well as scarves, hats and hats, must be removed before being scanned with the security scanner. Larger pieces of jewelry and belts must be removed if instructed to do so by control personnel. The bag's contents (including non-metallic objects, eg handkerchiefs, boarding passes, ID cards, sweets, etc.) must be removed and disposed of completely.

Federal police

You can also see how things are handledLondon Heathrow Airport🇧🇷 They provide quite extensive information about airport security measures, especially with regard to security control. Please have a look at theirs.common questionsto get some decent info on the subject.

In the case of jewelry, you will not find any specific information about whether or not jewelry should be removed at the security checkpoint. However, they say the followingabout metal objects in hand luggage:

Small metal objects such as keys, coins and cell phones can be stored in hand luggage or in coat pockets (on the shelf). Carrying them in your pocket activates the safety equipment that delays your trip.

London Heathrow Airport

so they doDon't mention jewelry explicitly here🇧🇷 My guess would therefore be that the jewelry doesn't have to be taken off in the first place, as in Germany. But of course the security staff might ask you to take it off, especially if it's a larger piece of metal jewelry.

Are artistic jewelry allowed in carry-on baggage?

Yes, it doesn't matter if you are traveling with fake or real jewelry. Therefore, bring your art jewelry both in your hand luggage (preferably!) and in your checked luggage.

And the gold jewelry?

Gold jewelry can also be carried in hand luggage. Or just use it, of course. And here, too, gold jewelry looks better in hand luggage than in checked luggage.

The question that arises with expensive gold jewelry or jewelry made from other precious metals such as silver and platinum:

When is (this) jewelry notifiable?

If you move within the EU,so jewelry from 10,000 euros are generally notifiable.But in this case it is enough to declare the jeweloralwhen crossing the border (from EU country Y to EU country Z and vice versa).

The same applies tomoney in hand luggage🇧🇷 And even money in hand luggage within the EU must be verbally declared in the amount of 10,000 euros. Therefore, if you (for whatever reason) have a lot of money in your purse, you must also declare it.

If you are importing or exporting jewellery, i.e. traveling from the EU to a third country or vice versa, then gold jewelery must be declared, if applicableallowable travel allowances are exceeded.

Jewelry in checked baggage

Jewelry is not prohibited in checked baggage, but in general:It's not a good idea to do that.🇧🇷 As mentioned in the introduction to this article, it's best to pack jewelry in your carry-on luggage.

If you transport your jewelry in checked baggage,The airline will probably not compensate you, or only to a limited extent, in case of loss or theft.

Do you have more questions about jewelry in your hand luggage?

If that's the case, feel free to leave us a message.hand luggage forum🇧🇷 There are always people who are happy to answer questions right there. Please have a look for yourself. See you in the threads!

Related questions

Can I take jewelry in my hand luggage on Ryanair?

Yes. Naturally. Also with Ryanair, it is best to carry your jewelry in hand luggage. Please note: Ryanair recently allowed you to bring only one personal item (handbag or laptop bag) on ​​board with the standard fare.

Then you would have to wear your jewelry or put it in that personal item. You can find out more about the current Ryanair regulation in our article:Ryanair 2019 hand luggage overview

Can I carry jewelry in hand luggage in India?Generally yes. And you can just wear jewelry. However, if you wear/wear expensive jewelry, problems may arise as there are special rules (restrictions) to follow – especially when wearing them.Golden jewels.

Earrings set off the security alarm?

Small and medium size earrings generally do not set off the metal detector alarm at security checkpoints. However, if you wear large earrings, they can raise alarm bells.

Therefore, remove larger jewelry and place it with your other valuables in one of the bins provided by security personnel. However, it is not mandatory to deposit the jewels on your own.

However, you may be asked to do so at any time by security personnel. The same goes for belts.

How much money can I take with me in my hand luggage?

In principle, you can take any amount of cash in your hand luggage. However, you must declare cash and similar funds above a certain amount (in the EU = 10,000 euros) at customs.

You can read more about this in our article:How much money is allowed in hand luggage?

Can I take a pen in my hand luggage?

Yes. Ballpoint pens are allowed in carry-on baggage. These do not cause issues with security checks and do not count as liquids. So you don't need to keep the pens in the net pocket.

For more information, see our article:(Ballpoint pen) in hand luggage: allowed?

Can you transport JEWELRY in your hand luggage? (2)

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